At Wesley Kindergarten, we have been busy in the gardens! Our gardens were not working very well for us, and we decided we want to use raised gardens to provide a ‘garden to table’ for our families. We approached Bunnings and they were more than happy to help!

We sent plans off and then before we knew it they were booking in to come and build these for us! They had a big team and the raised beds were built in a few hours. The children were able to watch the process through the gate and kindly made muffins to thank the Bunnings team.

Bunnings also very generously provided soil to fill up the gardens. The children helped us to transport the bags in a trolley up to our garden area and were involved with filling these gardens up – it took a lot of time and muscles!

Azita planted seeds with the children and had these in a miniature glass house near the front door for the children and whanau to watch them growing. This week, the children helped Azita to plant these into our big gardens! Our next step is heading down to Bunnings and purchasing the vegetables and fruit the children would like to grow, and to plant these.