Our tamariki experienced the joy of the Olympics and participated enthusiastically in a variety of sporting activities such as weight lifting, sock wrestling, sprints, balancing and soccer. It was exciting watching them taking part and having fun.

This was also an opportunity for our kindergarten to support and raise awareness about heart disease for the Heart Foundation’s Big Heart Day. Leading up to the Olympics Day our tamariki have been training very hard as well as agreeing that we will all donate $2 gold coin to ‘help people with broken hearts’. This was another way our tamariki are able to show atawhai/kindness, learning fair play and learning to respect others.

Our opening ceremony began with the New Zealand National Anthem followed by an Olympics parade. Tamariki held on to flags and their own hand made Olympic torches as they marched around the kindergarten with different national anthems played in the background. Our whānau turned up to support and cheer our tamariki on.

After the sporting activities there was a medal ceremony which all our tamariki received a gold medal presented by some of our whānau.

And of course, no event is complete without an ice-block treat for our tamariki, whānau and nga kaiako.