Kia ora and welcome to St Johns Kindergarten

At St Johns Kindergarten we aim to nurture children’s innate desires to explore and understand their world through play. Inspiring themselves and each other through their discoveries, imaginative thinking, wonderings and ideas about people, places and things.

We aim to build social skills and creative thinking through role modelling and through our rich environment which challenges children physically and which playfully provokes their inquiry thinking and problem-solving.

We aim to pay close attention to children’s interests and desires, believing that the children’s own goals are pivotal to their learning.

Our community values making strong links to the primary school curriculum’s key competencies with an emphasis on developing positive habits of mind for learning, oral language, and emergent numeracy and print literacy. We make these links through our support of children’s dramatic pretend play and in a play-based way through story-telling and by encouraging children to make things. The arts, science, technology and digital media are woven into our programme in playful hands-on ways, with the kindergarten being a maker space for discovery and collaboration.

Relationships are nurtured for children and whanau to experience a sense of belonging and well-being within the kindergarten. St Johns Kindergarten is noted for its strong whanau social network, and our parents are supportive of and involved in the kindergarten’s curriculum development.

From the ERO Reports…

  • Learning environments are richly resourced and interesting. They have been upgraded, particularly outdoors, to provide challenging and exciting spaces for children's exploration and play.

    St Johns Kindergarten 2019 ERO Report

  • Relationships and interactions between teachers and children are friendly and encouraging, and contribute to children's learning.

    St Johns Kindergarten 2019 ERO Report

  • Parents value the diversity of cultures in the kindergarten. They feel well informed about their children's progress and kindergarten activities.

    St Johns Kindergarten 2019 ERO Report