Kia ora and welcome to Epsom North Kindergarten

Children at Epsom North Kindergarten learn holistically through their play and social interactions (Whanaungatanga), enabling the development of empathy, conscience, self-control, self-responsibility, respect, kindness and fairness. Tino rangatiratanga (The right to determine one’s own destiny) is embraced, giving children valuable opportunities to follow their interests and activities to enhance their journey of learning and development. Core curriculum areas of Literacy, Mathematics and Science are interwoven throughout the programme and nurtured through the emergent curriculum.

Families and children are always welcome to pop in to explore and experience our environment, making eventual transition into our space a natural and relaxing experience.

Epsom North Kindergarten feeds into the surrounding schools of Epsom Normal, Kohia Terrace, Cornwall Park, and Newmarket Primary. These schools also offer transition visits prior to commencement.

Epsom North Kindergarten has a roll of 30 children per day. Offering a 1:10 ratio, our fully qualified and registered teaching team is Toni (Head Teacher), Deidre (teacher) and Patricia (teacher).  We provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. We value, respect and celebrate the divergent learning styles, cultural beliefs and languages of our community. Quality learning programmes encourage the emergent curriculum and are based on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whãriki.

From the ERO Reports…

  • Children are happy and enjoy a strong sense of belonging in the centre. They participate in a variety of learning experiences in a well-resourced environment.

    Epsom North Kindergarten 2018 ERO Report

  • Children's diverse cultures are celebrated and they are encouraged to speak their home languages. Parents feel welcome and contribute well to the programme.

    Epsom North Kindergarten 2018 ERO Report