Kia ora and welcome to Greenhithe Kindergarten

Welcome to Greenhithe Kindergarten! Here at Greenhithe you will always be welcome, Head teacher Kate, teachers Jess and Cheryl and our lovely support staff, Karen, Rachel, Savannah and Alison work together to create a great place for children to learn and explore.  Working as a team we support children to try things out for themselves as well as offer different experiences for them to enjoy and learn from. Our kindergarten has wonderful natural resources, we have our fruit trees and vegetable garden and grass to play on. We like to cook using our own home grown produce. At Greenhithe Kindergarten, teachers work alongside children to enhance teachable moments and encourage children’s emergent interests as the foundation for learning. We are known for our transition to school programme which includes a close relationship with the local school and our ‘graduates’ go to school with a good foundation in literacy and mathematics.

Greenhithe Kindergarten has been part of the Greenhithe community for 25 years.

From the ERO Reports…

  • Children are open, friendly and articulate. They work well with others in small groups and form friendships.

    Greenhithe Kindergarten 2018 ERO Report

  • Teachers build effective, supportive relationships with children, their parents and whānau.

    Greenhithe Kindergarten 2018 ERO Report

  • Teachers provide a well resourced learning environment. Children can choose from a wide range of materials that support their creativity and promote critical thinking.

    Greenhithe Kindergarten 2018 ERO Report