Check out Hay Park Playgroup’s new Dizzy Giddy! When babies are born, they have no sense of balance – it is a skill they must learn through movement. The Dizzy Giddy helps to develop children’s vestibular system (balance), body control, rhythm, timing and muscle strength. These are all fundamental skills for success in any learning environment.

A few tips about the vestibular system…

The vestibular system coordinates eye and head movements, it helps the brain to register and respond to whether the object the child is looking at is moving or if their head is moving.

The vestibular system helps to develop and maintain normal muscle tone. Without good muscle tone, it may be challenging for a child to hold their body in one position e.g. sitting up during mat time.

The vestibular system impacts a child’s balance and equilibrium. Without efficient vestibular processing, your child may appear to be clumsy or have trouble staying on their feet during play.

The vestibular system helps a child to coordinate both sides of their body together for activities including riding a bicycle, catching a ball, zipping a coat, or cutting with scissors.