About Auckland Kindergarten Association

Auckland Kindergarten Association (AKA) is New Zealand’s largest kindergarten association. Each year, we are proud to provide high quality early childhood education to over 5,000 young children who attend our kindergartens throughout Auckland.

At AKA, we provide a safe and enriching learning environments where young children can develop as confident and competent learners.

AKA values and recognises the rich diversity of the children, parents and whānau that attend.

We believe that children’s play is essential to meaningful learning experiences, and our staff work alongside the children to enhance the value of their play. To scaffold children’s growing knowledge, concepts and learning strategies, our teachers introduce new ideas, explore language and plan for mathematics, science, literacy, art and technology.

Mission and Vision

AKA provides leadership in education to support an Auckland where every child has the opportunity to excel and realise their potential, and value their cultural distinctiveness in an inclusive community of learning.