We have been on a learning journey about worms at Sturges Road Kindergarten.  Looking in the worm farm and aerating our compost has become a daily ritual thanks to Kaiako Monique’s passion for gardening.  We harvest and eat veggies from our garden regularly. The tamariki are learning about how worms help the veggies grow.

The worms have become an enduring interest.  To extend this, we have been researching worms in their habitat.  A trip to the Waitakere Transfer Station enhanced this learning.  Tamariki studied the worms there and learnt more about worms eating habits. The tamariki have had a lot of comments to share with us…

Isaiah said, “They pooh tonnes a day!  It makes dirt for the garden.  They can’t run!  They just wriggle!  They are sooo cute!  They don’t like the sun so they hide in the dirt.  They have a saddle where the babies come from.”

Jayden said, “No touching because we just looking.  Where do they go? (looking at the worms in the worm bin).  They hiding!  Monique feeds the worms.  We don’t eat them.  They are yucky to eat!” said Jayden.

“They lay eggs and they become a baby worm.  I’ve got ears.  Worms don’t got ears.  No eyes – they have mouth only.  Bye bye baby, enjoy your mummy!” said Mason.

And this from Weston’s Mum, “I love this.  I just asked Weston what he learnt about the no eyes, no nose, etc.  and he even got down on the ground to show me how a worm moves.”