Sturges Road Kindergarten would like to share some exciting news with you! Following the Bronze/Rito in 2015, the Silver/Whānau Award in May last year, the team have been awarded Gold / Pā-harakeke Award on 11th November this year. Lesley Carter, the Nutrition Advisor from Heart Foundation NZ, presented them with Gold/ Pā-harakeke! Tamariki expected a real gold medal so were a bit disappointed with the framed certificate but the heart stickers from Lesley made them happy. Along with the certificate, Sturges Road Kindergarten received some kai books, gardening tools, cooking magazines, seedling pots and useful resources from Heart Foundation NZ.

Due to Covid-19, the Healthy Heart Award journey for them had been challenging. Despite the circumstances, they made it! The teaching team, tamariki and whānau all have worked hard to reach this highest level of the Healthy Heart Award. Everyone was so excited and happy for their achievement.

The team feel that this Healthy Heart Award journey has been inspiring and led their parents, whānau and community to take part in and contribute to the curriculum. Most of all, they have been united as a big whānau through this project and their edible garden is always filled with fresh greens throughout the year. Sturges Road Kindergarten aim to continuously encourage efforts towards the wellbeing of their tamariki and whānau.