At Parnell Kindergarten, we have been incredibly lucky to have Lucy and her mum, Helen helping us on our sustainability journey. In particular, they have been helping us to get our worm farm up and running. They have been a wealth of information and tips as they have a successful worm farm at their home. The teaching team did not feel especially confident in our worm farming skills, so were thrilled that Lucy and her mum wanted to assist us. We are now operating a successful farm that produces excellent castings for our garden. The children love to help to feed the worms scraps from their lunch boxes, and it is always a fun game trying to spot the worms amongst all the food.

In addition to the wonderful help that Lucy and her Mum have given us with our worm farm, they have also donated some edible plants that they planted with the children, as well as some nutrients to help the plants grow! The children have loved taking care of these plants, and were extra excited when a baby broccoli appeared one day. We have loved seeing the children enjoying sampling the variety of vegetables and herbs, and the enthusiasm they show to giving different flavours a try.

The involvement of our kindergarten community in our programme is hugely welcomed and appreciated.