Kia ora and welcome to Summerland Kindergarten

At Summerland Kindergarten, children are well supported by teachers to develop friendships and confidence in themselves as capable, confident learners.

The teachers at Summerland Kindergarten foster strong relationships with their multi-cultural families.  This creates a caring environment where diversity is embraced and everyone is welcome.

Here at Summerland Kindergarten, the learning environment is spacious and well-resourced.  Come and see for yourself!

What parents are saying…

  • Even though my daughter just stayed there for a short period of time prior to her primary life, but the teachers over there was so nice, kind and caring, especially during lockdown, i.e. they will often send you messages and videos to see how's my daughter was doing at home and her feelings as well, so I highly recommended this kindy to all who's looking for one!

    Karen Man

  • Summerland Kindy is the best!!!!! Our kids absolutely love it. It is so nice dropping your kids off in the morning and knowing that they are happy and well looked after. The facilities and resources available to the children are great but it's the wonderful teachers that make it the warm, welcoming place that it is. We would recommend it a million times over.

    Peter Stone

  • Our story with Summerland begins when we recently allocated from South Africa last year. From the very first day we walked into Summerland Kindy, we were received with open arms. Summerland Kindergarten has given my daughter a safe haven where she can learn, play and explore. She loves going to school and always excited to go ,this makes it easy for our moms to leave the little ones behind knowing they are safe and looked after. Staff is very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend Summerland kindy.

    Vilia Swanepoel, September 2020

  • It's been almost a year my daughter has started going to this and she's always so happy and excited about it. The friendly and loving staff is a big reason ☺️ each morning we are welcome warm heartedly and by the end of the day she's never ready to go home as the activities never come to an end here, so much to do , so much to learn and explore. The staff is amazing I must add they have cooperated with her at their utmost .. each and every child is loved, respected and cared by each and every staff member. And this is the reason my girl wants to go to kindy all 5 days.

    Aliza Sarwar

From the ERO Reports…

  • The kindergarten's philosophy promotes bicultural and culturally responsive practices. It highlights the importance of whānau partnerships and teaching practices that respect children as capable, competent learners.

    Summerland Kindergarten 2017 ERO Report

  • Teachers' warm and positive interactions promote children's wellbeing and belonging in the centre. In turn, children are kind to and supportive of each other. Teachers are responsive to families' needs, cultures, backgrounds and interests and incorporate these in the learning programme.

    Summerland Kindergarten 2017 ERO Report