Colwill Kindergarten was recently assessed by the Education Review Office as “very well placed” to promote positive outcomes for children. “Colwill Kindergarten provides high quality education and care”.

Alongside experienced and capable teachers, children are seen as leaders of their own learning, capable of pursuing their own interests, researching and achieving their own goals.

Colwill Kindergarten is an Enviroschool with ‘Silver’ status. This means that we support children to develop the necessary skills, attitudes and behaviours that will enable them to contribute to building a better place to live.  Children learn to grow food, care for our natural environment, and establish healthy ecosystems that encourage growth, solve problems in a responsible way and build relationships with others that are caring and respectful.

From the ERO Reports…

  • Teachers provide high quality education and care for children. They skilfully prompt children to explore resources and the environment.

    Colwill 2019 ERO Report

  • Teachers use open questions to foster problem solving and provoke new ideas.

    Colwill 2019 ERO Report

  • Parents are encouraged to be partners in their children's learning. Teachers respond to parents' aspirations for their children, and value the skills and knowledge that families share.

    Colwill 2019 ERO Report