Kia ora and welcome to Remuera Kindergarten

Welcome to Remuera Kindergarten!

We have a strong philosophy that supports learning through play. At Remuera Kindergarten we notice, recognise and respond to children’s emergent curriculum to support their learning.

Our programme offers a rich learning environment and lots of space for children to challenge themselves and value the living world.  We want families to be involved at Remuera Kindergarten and really value them and the cultural capital that they bring to our community.

As teachers we are constantly amazed and excited about children’s view of the world around them. This keeps us interested and motivated every day that we work with them.

The Remuera Kindergarten team includes four qualified and registered teachers who bring with them varied and extensive experience in the early childhood field.  The team is supported by an administrator, and teaching assistants. The teachers are dedicated to inclusive practice, and passionate about children learning and exploring through play.  We are very community focussed and have built up relationships with some families over a number of years.

From the ERO Reports…

  • Meaningful and child-focused assessment and planning documentation shows how children’s group and individual interests and strengths guide the programme. Children’s ideas and parents’ aspirations are valued and evident in teachers' planning.

    Remuera Kindergarten 2017 ERO Report

  • Teachers view all children as successful learners with individual strengths. They promote equity and successful inclusion for children with additional needs, in a culturally responsive programme.

    Remuera Kindergarten 2017 ERO Report

  • Children have fun and demonstrate an enthusiasm for learning. They display confidence, belonging and empathy towards others. Their curiosity and independence are encouraged, as is their ability to share ideas and problem solve.

    Remuera Kindergarten 2017 ERO Report