Kia ora and welcome to Belmont Bayswater Kindergarten

Welcome to Belmont Bayswater Kindergarten! Our kindergarten has a wonderful natural outdoor environment where your children can explore; engage in active movement and imaginative play.

Belmont Bayswater Kindergarten has a strong focus on the importance of children’s play in developing meaningful learning experiences.

Here at Belmont Bayswater Kindergarten we have strong connections with the community and local school networks.

Our kindergarten has early childhood qualified and registered teachers.  The teachers are dedicated to, and passionate about, early childhood education.  The kindergarten has a Head Teacher, teachers and support staff.  Quality learning programmes are based on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whãriki.

From the ERO Reports…

  • Parents are encouraged to be partners in their children’s learning. They have many opportunities to participate in the programme, contribute to reviews and be aware of their children’s progress.

    Belmont Bayswater Kindergarten 2017 ERO Report

  • Teachers skilfully engage children in play that prompts them to collaborate and investigate ideas. They ask questions and give good explanations to facilitate learning and conversations with children.

    Belmont Bayswater Kindergarten 2017 ERO Report