Last week we had a fabulous visit from ‘Little Scientists’ who came to our kindergarten. The children were excited to learn about all the science experiments that they were going to participate in.

Our first experiment was to make some rain! We had water in the bottom of our cups, then a cloud was added (shaving foam), and lastly we learnt how to use a pipette. Adding drops of colour to our cloud which then fell through to make the rain. Everyone had fun sucking up liquid into their pipette.

Our second experiment was to turn cabbage water from red/pink to blue/purple using vinegar and baking soda. It was fun to try and change the colour from one to another.

Lastly, we made wonderful swirl patterns with baking soda, dye, dish washing liquid and citric acid. This was a colour explosion!

The children had so much fun while having a hands on experience and exploring the wonders of science.