Laingholm Kindergarten, a member of the Auckland Kindergarten Association, recently received their Silver Enviroschool status and sign.

Enviroschool’s kaupapa supports children and young people in learning about sustainability, cultural diversity and the physical, social, and political aspects of the environment.

The Laingholm community is well known for being environmentally conscious and have been very supportive of Laingholm Kindergarten embracing the Enviroschool’s five ngā Mātāpono (guiding principles) of Empowering Students; Learning for Sustainability; Māori Perspectives, Respect for the Diversity of People and Cultures and Sustainable Communities.

Achieving a Silver Enviroschool status takes work and over the past 10 years the teaching team, tamariki and whānau have all been deeply engaged in this process. It has been a great journey of embedding sustainable practices such as bokashi composting, the planting of gardens, recycling of soft plastics and much more. The kindergarten has taken part in a number of projects including Trash to Treasure, From Garden to Table and beach clean-ups. Along with a ‘zero waste’ policy to reduce rubbish going to landfill, Laingholm Kindergarten also runs a trading ‘shop’ selling produce that they grow and make.

A ceremony was held on Thursday 9 June and past students joined Laingholm Kindergarten, including the Radley whānau who have been part of this amazing journey since daughter Megan (15) was at the kindergarten and received the first ever Bronze status awarded to a kindergarten 10 years ago and daughter Jessica (4) who is now attending the kindergarten, in celebrating achieving a Silver status.

The celebration was also attended by Auckland Council members along with the support of environmental education advisor Katie Higgins from Auckland Council and AKA Board members; Robin Houlker and Jeremy Drummond who, with the help of the children, unveiled a permanent sign to commemorate this achievement.

The children thanked their guests with a moving rendition of the waiata Te Aroha which they both sung and signed, before enjoying a delicious shared morning tea.